Learn to be a Safe Cyclist Part 1 (Cancelled)

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This session has been cancelled.


Participants will gain confidence and knowledge of cycling safely and enjoyably on the road; this course is oriented toward recreational and practical cycling. This abbreviated version of the CAN-BIKE cycling safety program provides a nationally standardized set of courses that can be taught through a variety of organizations who are interested in education, safety and health.

This program is for employees who commute to work or ride a bicycle in vehicular traffic. Biking to work allows you to save time, get your workout in, cut down on the stress of traffic, and so much more!

Part 1: In-Class Training

In this interactive classroom discussion session, participants learn about the principles of safe cycling in traffic, rules of the road, and security.

Instructors: Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Bouchard, Special Constables, Campus Community Police & CAN-BIKE Instructors

In order to participate in Part 2, participation in Part 1 of this course is required.

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