Plant Propagation

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This course will introduce you to the wonderful world of creating new plants. The morning session will focus on growing from seeds and include topics like collecting, cleaning, storing, dormancy, and stratification. It will then use these basic tools of the trade to show you how to use various techniques for starting seeds. Growing under lights in pots, winter sowing and germination using the baggy method will all be discussed.

In the afternoon we’ll focus on vegetative propagation including division, cuttings, layering and budding. This course will provide the foundation you need to propagate thousands of different plants, including perennials, shrubs and trees. As part of the hands on portion you will receive new babies to take home. 

Guest Instructor: Robert Pavlis.  

Early Bird Fee: $80.00 if done on or before Thursday, June 7. Registrations after this date will cost $90.00.  Note: If we don't have enough registrations by the early bird deadline the course may be cancelled.  Maximum 20 adults.


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