FHT to Move: Activity Challenge Registration Opens

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Join us as we strive to be "Guelphs' Most Active Team" in the Guelph Family Health Team's two-week "Hustle for the Harvest" competition. 

During the two-week challenge, participants log their daily minutes of activity using  the Guelph Family Health Team’s online tracking tool. These minutes contribute to their team’s total score. Participants can earn activity minutes in a variety of ways such as running, walking, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, etc. Bonus points can be earned by participating in daily challenges sent out by the Guelph Family Health Team. 

All participants are eligible for weekly prize draws. At the end of the two weeks, there will be a grand prize for the winning team with the highest total score!

The activity challenge will run from Friday, September 21st to Friday, October 5th. 

Registration opens August 1st. Please join the "University of Guelph Wellness@Work" team! 

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