Having Difficult Conversations- For Leaders

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Peter Clark Hall, Wing A 


The ability to have difficult conversations is an essential skill that enables us to clear the air so that we can be productive at work. With practice, this skill can be developed. Difficult conversations tend to be associated with a negative outcome or a confrontation; but there are ways to have a difficult conversation that has a productive outcome. Productive doesn’t mean agreement; it means a change for the collective good.

Whether you are looking to have more productive conversations with a colleague or client, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice having difficult conversations.

In this session, you will learn tools and strategies to have a difficult conversation that will result in a productive discussion; tips and suggestions to get you in the right mindset before engaging in a difficult conversation; and common mistakes to avoid while engaging in the difficult conversation.

Program Focus:

  • Learn a 4 step model that will prepare you for a difficult conversation
  • Learn to listen while not taking what you hear personally
  • How to open the conversation so it ends well
  • How to realise a productive outcome
  • Gain insight into your own defensiveness
  • Avoid common mistakes that can derail your hard work


Facilitator: Lydia Bay, Senior HR Consultant, Staff Relations, UofG

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel no later than 2 days in advance to ensure we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

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Email: landd@uoguelph.ca

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