STOP Worrying

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Room 430 University Centre


"Worry is like a rocking chair. It rocks and rocks and gets us nowhere."

So why do we do it? What perpetuates and even escalates this habit? 
Do you even worry about how much you worry? How much is too much? 
Is it possible to worry yourself sick? 
How do we prevent it from running our life? Or giving us anxiety?

This evening workshop provides information about worrying, and teaches practical strategies that curb worry and decrease its negative impact on mood and performance.



  • the 2 approaches proven to decrease worrying
  • key characteristics of worry
  • shifting from destructive / unproductive worry to more constructive worry
  • 5 pitfalls that perpetuate worry and make it difficult to break out of worry spirals
  • brain training exercises and a variety of other techniques to curb worrying
  • tips for bedtime worriers

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