Take the Stress Out of IBS

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Room 334, University Centre


The two greatest triggers of Irritable Bowel symptoms and altered gastrointestinal function are... STRESS and DIET.

There is a strong relationship between our brain, our emotions, and how our gastrointestinal (GI) tract is functioning. This program teaches the most effective relaxation and lifestyle strategies to improve this relationship and positively impact IBS symptoms. These approaches are helpful for those with IBS, and for people with a stressed stomach, who would like to better regulate their digestive system.

This 4 session group program meets once a week to provide information and instruction in the self-regulation skills, dietary and lifestyle approaches that decrease IBS symptoms.  For greatest success, daily home practice is very strongly recommended.


  • relaxation techniques and stress management tips that help relax the smooth muscle of the GI tract
  • the 2 types of biofeedback most beneficial for those with IBS
  • common food irritants to avoid, mindful eating, and beneficial eating & exercise patterns  -  presented by dietitian Lindzie O'Reilly
  • support, and symptom relief tips

Learn more and register: http://www.selfregulationskills.ca/programs/take-stress-out-ibs/

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