Women's Mid-Life Sleep Workshop

Date and Time


Room 430, University Centre


The most common and severe symptom of peri-menopausal women is poor sleep !

They experience more difficulty falling asleep and sleep may be disturbed by hot flashes, sleep disorders, poor health, anxiety, depression, and worrying. This workshop outlines why Minarik's report on recent sleep research directs health professionals to change from past trends of hormones-only solutions when addressing sleep changes at mid-life.

This evening workshop provides drug-free information and strategies for decreasing hot flashes, insomnia and other sleep disturbances experienced by peri-menopausal women.



  • the 3 keys to better sleep
  • tips to decrease hot flashes
  • the surprising relationship between stress, breathing and hot flashes
  • tackling the frustration of awakening in the night
  • practical drug-free ways to improve sleep
  • techniques to fall asleep and back to sleep more easily
  • 5 questions from Minarik's report that mid-life women need to ask about their sleep
  • avoiding the "big mistake" that robs many people of energizing sleep
  • enhancing energy during the day

Some participants may want to follow up on these ideas by participating in the full Better Sleep Program to further develop skills to fall back asleep more easily.

Learn more and register: http://www.selfregulationskills.ca/programs/peri-menopausal-sleep-workshop/ 

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