Harnessing Team Power - Part 1

Date and Time


UC 430


In this experiential course, leaders will learn how to engage their teams in collaborative, creative problem solving and decision making. This course is for individuals in a management position and consists of two half-day workshops.

Part 1– Understanding Team Dynamics and the Role of the Leader

Program Focus:

  • Recognize characteristics of highly effective teams and learn to assess the team’s performance
  • Understand the difference between a group and a team
  • Learn how you can encourage behaviors that help a team and reduce the behaviors that hinder a team’s ability to accomplish its goals
  • Understand the important contribution that “how” the team gets its work done impacts team dynamics
  • Practice reaching consensus
  • Recognize the stages of team development and the leadership behaviors to use at each stage

Instructor: Linda Lehtonen, Lehtonen Management Consulting

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