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UC 430


As the university environment continues to change, employees are required to change with it. Change usually involves some kind of learning which results in behaviour change and the acquisition of new skills. Grow Through Change introduces employees to the concepts, methods and tools for successful continuous learning at work and throughout their lives.

People are most successful when they are mindful of themselves as learners and thinkers, develop the ability to reflect and create, identify and manage their learning agendas, and discover how to access the most appropriate resources to get what they need. In this program, employees will use the Learning Skills Inventory (LSI) to identify their learning style.

This is the right program for …

Those who are interested in developing their capacity to learn and are open to challenging themselves.

Learning Experience

The program consists of two days (four ½-day sessions) in seminars. Over the course of the program you will use the LSI to identify your learning style, establish a specific direction for your life at work, and take action to support change and innovation in the workplace through learning advocacy.

Program Focus

  • Understanding learning
  • The Learning Skills Inventory (LSI) and using it at work
  • Learning in relationship
  • Self and mutual inquiry
  • Taking action

Instructors: Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, Learning & Development and Consulting Services, HR, University of Guelph

Fee Policy: There is no fee to participate in this program. However, a non-attendance fee or a cancellation fee will apply for sessions that are not attended or cancellations received with less than two business days notice prior to the session.

To register for the complete program you need only register for the first session.

Winter dates are: January 24, February 7, February 21, and March 7, 2019

Contact Phone: 56800 

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