Coaching & Communicating for Performance #3

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Leadership Essentials

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Coaching & Communicating for Performance is a highly interactive program that provides supervisors and managers the opportunity to build skills that will enable them to share expectations and set objectives for employees, provide constructive feedback, more effectively engage in learning conversations, and coaching opportunities.

This program is for individuals in a management or supervisory position and consists of four one-day workshops and learning project work in small groups. Prior to the first session, participants will complete the confidential online Strengths Deployment Inventory. Between sessions 1 and 2, participants will have a private, confidential debrief of their results and coaching meeting with a facilitator.

Session 4 – Coaching

Instructor: Meghan Kirwin, Kirwin Group

Coaching is most effectively used as a learning and development tool, where learning is more than a problem-solving exercise or detecting and correcting errors, and focuses instead on the beliefs, assumptions, values and operating frameworks that govern action.

Learning and development needs to involve those activities that change attitudes or provide skills and knowledge necessary for the achievement of current or planned goals and objectives.

Focus of this session:

  • Understanding the coaching process
  • Listening, observing, discerning, modeling, delivering (feedback, questions, statements, challenges and ideas)

Cancellation Policy: Due to the costs associated with delivering this program we ask that you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the first session. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation penalty of $50 that will be charged to your department.

To register for the complete program you only need to register for the first session.

  Phone: 56800 

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