Personal Leadership at Work #1

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UC 442


Employee Essentials - Personal Management

Principles, Attitudes and Practices for Success

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Leadership is not a position or title. It is an outlook, a way of looking at the world and ourselves in it. Personal leadership is about taking leadership of our selves – of our experiences, our habits and behaviours, and our interactions with others in our personal and professional lives. Learn more about yourself, enhance your leadership skills and gain insights into the behaviours and actions that are essential to success in the workplace.

The program consists of two days (four ½-day sessions) in experiential workshops and seminars, plus time to complete an online inventory, reflect on the results and participate in an individual coaching session. A follow up session is held 2 months later to support learning transfer in the workplace. Over the course of the program, you will deepen your understanding of your personal leadership, learn how to “walk the talk” of your values system, and discover your personal path to success in the workplace.

Program Focus:

  • The impact of our behaviour and actions on self and others
  • Maintaining discipline, achieving goals
  • "Walking the talk” of personal leadership
  • Empowering self, mastering fear
  • Understanding and valuing the differences in others

Instructors: Evelina Rog, Sr. Consultant, Learning & Development and Consulting Services, HR, University of Guelph

There is a fee of $150 to participate in this program. This fee covers the completion of an online emotional intelligence inventory that has been developed by experts in the U.S. Upon completion of the inventory, participants will receive a personalized profile report and will be invited to a one-on-one coaching session to review their profile report.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the costs associated with delivering this program we ask that you cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the first session. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation penalty of $150 that will be charged to your department.

To register for the complete program you need only register for the first session. You will be prompted to enter your department’s 26 digit coding when you register.

Dates are: May 2nd, 16th, 30th, June 13th and a follow up in September 2019.



Phone: 56800 

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