Building Leadership Effectiveness - Day 1 and 2

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Building Leadership Effectiveness (BLE) encourages leaders to develop practices that transform values into action, vision into realities, obstacles into innovations, and risks into rewards. Participants will be introduced to the five practices of exemplary leadership: modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart.

Target Audience

This is the right program for a leader within the University of Guelph that has been in the position for at least 9 months, is currently in a leadership role managing or supervising others and is willing to participate in a 360 degree feedback process.

Program Requirements

The program requires your participation in a two day workshop (consecutive days) which will consist of a combination of concept presentations, group discussion and activities, multi-media, and personal reflection and planning.

As part of the pre-program, you will participate in a confidential online assessment process, Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI). This assessment tool will provide 360° feedback on your current leadership practice. The program facilitator will share the results of the assessment with you at a half hour confidential meeting prior to the commencement of the workshop.

Application and Selection Process

Leaders interested in BLE indicate it by applying for the program through the Learning & Development registration system. They are strongly encouraged to have a conversation with their manager about their interest in the program prior to signing up. As part of the online application process, leaders will be asked to provide their manager’s name where applicable.

Instructor: Jane Parkinson, Jane Parkinson & Associates Ltd.

What participants are saying about this program ...

  • This is the best workshop that I have participated in during my career at the University.
  • It helped me to focus on strengths as well as an action plan for improvement.
  • Case studies provided great food for thought.
  • The entire workshop was valuable and worthwhile.

Cancellation Policy

In order to participate in this program, you must meet the program criteria and have approval from your Manager. Due to the high demand and financial commitment required for this program, a cancellation penalty of $150 will be applied for anyone that cancels their registration after their LPI assignment (approximately 4 weeks before the workshop).

Building Leadership Effectiveness is a 2 day program running, June 5th and 6th, 2019.


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