Building Resilience - Letting Go and Moving Forward

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UC 442 


In today’s high pressure work environments resilience is considered a necessary attribute that enables individuals to thrive in the face of everyday work-pressures and stresses. Building and maintaining resilience is an ongoing process that requires time, effort and engagement in thoughtful behaviours that can help you let go and move forward. Death, job loss and other big challenges can leave you feeling stressed, deflated, fearful, angry, and so can the day to day issues like conflict at home or work, being disappointed or let down by someone you care about, a new job not working out as you imagined. Reacting to these things with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty can have a long term impact if you don't manage them effectively.

Learn what it takes to adapt well over time to difficult situations and stressful conditions. Develop the skills to be more able to adapt and cope in ways which help you manage adversity, let go and move forward.


  • Identify what resilience is and why it matters
  • Discover what research tells us about resilience and where it comes from
  • Gain insight into your individual levels of resilience
  • Develop practical behaviours and skills that can be used to increase your everyday resilience and move forward from where you are stuck
  • Recognize the way emotions and empathy influence the way we react and respond to others



Staff members, managers, supervisors and team leaders

This course can be tailored to your team specifically if you feel the entire team could benefit. This helps teams who have experienced a lot of change or even a trauma.


"Resilience is like a muscle; it needs to be exercised often to be in its full strength."

Instructor: Jackie Lauer, Axletree Consulting Inc.

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