Online Conversational Intelligence- Helping Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

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(This course is based on the best seller by Judith E. Glaser)

Amy Edmondson, a Harvard Business School professor, describes psychological safety in her 1999 study as “a work climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves.” In this workshop, you will explore how to build trust and enhance the quality of your relationships by increasing your effectiveness as a communicator. Conversational Intelligence will also help leaders discover ways to enhance workplace wellness and develop the core practices of Connect and Adapt central to the success of GOAL 2.0.

In this series of 8, 1-hr. online sessions you will be learn:

  • The three levels of conversations
  • How the brain works during conversations
  • The five conversation essentials
  • The ladder of conclusions
  • How to listen to connect
  • The behaviours that activate the 'fear' hormone
  • The behaviours that activate the 'bonding' hormone


Facilitator: Jackie Lauer, Jackie Lauer Consulting

The sessions will be interactive and require your participation. You will require a computer and the program Zoom. Information on connecting will be provided to participants in advance.

Contact Phone: 56800 

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