GOAL 2.0 Core Practices Training for Leaders

Date and Time


UC 442


In this session you will develop your understanding and application of the 3 core practices of GOAL 2.0 – CONNECT, ADAPT and ALIGN.

We will focus on the development and practice of the following skills:

  • Engaging employees in two-way conversations that demonstrates empathy and respect
  • Helping employees adjust to emerging needs and priorities in a way that supports and builds their resilience
  • Enabling continuous improvement and innovation by engaging a growth mindset
  • Supporting the employee's development through generating insights and identifying growth opportunities
  • Communicating your unit/department/College's strategic priorities and plans in a way that helps employees to see the important role their contributions make
  • Identifying and leveraging an employee's strengths in a way that fosters their engagement, productivity, and well-being

Facilitator:Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, & Linda Watt, Director, HR Learning and Development, University of Guelph


Phone: 56800

Email: landd@uoguelph.ca

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