GOAL 2.0 Training for Employees (Foundational Training)

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UC 442


What brings out your best at work? What supports your success? The GOAL 2.0 Training for Employees provides you with an opportunity to reflect on what you need to contribute your skills and efforts in a meaningful way and how to use GOAL 2.0 to engage in quality conversations with your manager to support your success.

GOAL 2.0 is the U of G’s performance success framework. It has support from the most senior leadership levels at the UofG, who have participated in GOAL 2.0 Training. With the incredible support and skill of up to 45 GOAL 2.0 Ambassadors across the UofG, initial GOAL 2.0 Training for Managers and Employees was rolled out in 2018-2019. This Employee Training session is intended for new employees and any employees who may have missed initial Training offered by their department/College’s GOAL 2.0 Ambassador(s).

At this session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn the GOAL 2.0 framework, including the three core practices of Connect, Adapt, and Align, as well as the quality conversations.
  • Have an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about how you can benefit from and use GOAL 2.0 with fellow colleagues at the UofG

If you are new to performance success, this training will provide you with a foundation for your own success at work as well as how you can contribute to quality conversations with your manager.

There is no preparation required in advance of this session. We invite you to peruse the GOAL 2.0 website: https://www.uoguelph.ca/hr/goal-2.0

Facilitator: Kim Garwood, Acting Head, Learning & Curriculum Support, McLaughlin Library & GOAL 2.0 Ambassador. Sarah Mau, Associate Director of Programming & Facilities, Department of Athletics & GOAL 2.0 Ambassador


Phone: 56800
Email: landd@uoguelph.ca


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