The Impact of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity on Well-being at Work

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Equity and inclusion are intrinsically connected with wellness. Equitable and inclusive workplaces support employee well-being by increasing professional achievement, job satisfaction, and better mental and physical health outcomes. Similarly, a workplace that focuses on well-being also has a documented effect of decreasing prejudice, discrimination, and harassment.

This workshop will discuss the connection between equity and wellness; define and distinguish between concepts such as oppression, power, privilege, bias, and microaggressions; identify and discuss individual, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic barriers for equity-seeking groups; and identify and discuss strategies to reduce unconscious bias, incorporate inclusive practices into your daily work, and enhance capacity for allyship.

If you are registering less than 24 hours before the session, please email Sarah at to request the meeting link.

Facilitated by: Joseph Pazzano, Training, Education and Inclusion Officer, DHR

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