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Join a short 15-minute morning and/or afternoon break hosted by one of your U of G colleagues who will share their talent, expertise, hobby or passion with you. All participants will enter one Zoom meeting and then be able to select the breakout room they would like to participate in. 

Morning Break Options

  • Bird Carving with Graham Price: From a block of wood to a work of art.  Follow along with the steps involved in creating a realistic bird.
  • Today in Sports with Scott McRoberts: Join Scott McRoberts, Director of Athletics, to discuss the current events happening in the world of sports.  Pour your favourite morning beverage, bring your questions, perspectives and enjoy a good catch up on what is happening in the world of sports.

If registering the day of the mini-break, please email Sarah at to request the meeting link to ensure you get connected! 

Be sure to check out the afternoon break options as well! 

OR Watch a pre-recorded video from SNAP on how to make your own 5 Minute Energy Oat Bites for your mini break! View the ingredients list.


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