GOAL 2.0 Master Class for Employees- Setting Work and Learning Objectives

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GOAL 2.0 Master Class for Employees

Setting work and learning objectives:  A valuable skill to help manage change, workload, priorities and personal success.

GOAL 2.0 – UofG’s performance success framework - is based upon effective and evidence-based practices that support employee performance and well-being. When managers and employees together put GOAL 2.0 skills into practice, they elevate the quality of their conversations. Learn how to take advantage of GOAL 2.0 to support your success in the workplace. This 1.5 hour forum is designed to help you put GOAL 2.0 skills into practice in a tangible way. Having reflected upon the past year in the Performance Summary quality conversations with your manager, you may already have ideas about the priorities that need to be tackled next. The purpose of the Work and Learning Objective Setting Quality conversation is to ensure you have the clarity you need to be successful in accomplishing your work in the coming year. In light of our pandemic conditions planning) for a return to campus, and ongoing uncertainties, it will be important to set objectives with flexibility and adaptability in mind.

Facilitators: Evelina Rog, Senior Consultant, & Linda Watt, Director, HR Learning and Development, University of Guelph

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