Managing Expectations and Triaging Change

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For Faculty and Staff

How to prioritize, and if necessary, diplomatically negotiate expectations on some incoming demands on your time.

Now, more than ever, we need to accept that no one can do it all and make everyone happy. We’re all facing more change, faster than ever, and simply adding everything to our to-do list is not a productive, or sustainable, approach. Navigating change means having thought-out, courageous conversations about what is, and what is not a priority. “No” is the new “Yes” because it starts this conversation.

This highly engaging virtual session will provide you with practical strategies to help you develop your skills around how to triage change, manage expectations and diplomatically negotiate.

Instructor: Doug Heidebrecht, Sun Mountain Self Management

Cancellation Policy: Please cancel no later than 5 days in advance to ensure we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list.

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