Virtual Constellation "Walk" ($)

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Learning the night sky is like getting to know a new neighborhood. At first, it may seem big and confusing, but as you strike out and become more and more familiar with prominent landmarks, the day comes when you realize that the neighborhood is no longer new. It’s home.

Join us for monthly sessions as we get to know the night sky a little better. Participants will be introduced to prominent stars and constellations, where to look for them and how the motions of planet Earth cause them to appear to shift from hour to hour and month to month. You will receive a downloadable star map to help you make your way through the stars. We’ll learn a half dozen or so constellations every month and you will be invited to discuss your observations with the group as we each get to know the neighborhood a little better. 

September Session - In response to participant questions, a few minutes will be spent introducing a few important things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of buying your own small telescope.      

Fee: $10 (plus HST) per person, per session (evening).

Instructors: Trevor Chandler

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