COVID-19: What's New with Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos

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Join Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos for a brief talk on the current COVID-19 pandemic.  He will provide details about the state of current pandemic both locally and across Canada as well as review the latest science on prevention. The talk will provide some perspective about the potential path of the pandemic over the coming weeks and months.

Dr. Andrew Papadopoulos will answer questions you have related to COVID-19.

About the Facilitator: Andy is a professor in the Department of Population Medicine and the coordinator of the Master of Public Health Program.  His research focuses on environmental public health issues and public health policy. 


“After listening to Dr. Papadopoulos speak to our team regarding COVID-19, I would highly recommend everyone attend his talk.  His ability to articulate information regarding a subject matter that seems to have so many unknown factors in an informative and clear manner helped alleviate the apprehension I was feeling both in the workplace and at home.”
Shannon Talbot, Manager, Campus Parking Services 

“I strongly encourage people to attend this talk with Dr. Papadopoulos. Andy, in addition to being one of the province's foremost public health experts, is down to earth, easy to understand and provided our Management Team with information about COVID-19 that was factual, clear and concise. This allowed all of us to be better prepared to lead our teams within Athletics and Recreation, and it gave us the confidence to continue to provide an opportunity for safe and healthy activity for our students, staff and community.”
Wally Gabler, Associate Director of Intercollegiate, Department of Athletics

Register Now!   If you are registering after May 3rd, 2022 email Isidora Nezic, to receive the meeting invite as the registration is no longer being monitored. 

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