Doorways to Post-Pandemic Growth and Recovery: Kick-off Event for Be Well, Be Safe Week

Date and Time


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Overview of the Talk

As we all learn to adjust to our new normal, many of us are still left with varying levels psychological stress, strain, and exhaustion. Mental illness, another affliction brought on by the pandemic, has never been higher - with studies showing a 30% increase in major mental health struggles. Join with us to kick off Be Well, Be Safe week as we spend time together to identify empathic strain, burn out and emotional “pain points” from the pandemic. We will explore contributing factors and leave with some personal and professional biopsychosocial strategies for achieving postpandemic growth.

Who is invited?

All U of G staff and faculty are encouraged to attend this event. 

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About the Speaker

 Picture of Charity Fleming and her daughter in front of a christmas tree. Charity Fleming, MSW Registered Social Worker is co-owner of Qualia Counselling Services and a Faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University. Charity has a passion for increasing access to high quality mental health services, for offering Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and for adapting psychotherapy for Indigenous people. Charity is the Chief of Operations at her Psychotherapy practice and is the Qualia Director of the CBT teaching program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Charity has a family with four children and four pets, and proudly identifies as Anishinaabe kwe, name dodem (Sturgeon Clan).

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