Supporting Your Gut Microbiome Through Your Diet (30-minutes Food Demo Included)

Date and Time


Gryph's Sports Lounge


Delve into the relationship between diet and gut microbiome diversity. With the overwhelming number of media published surrounding this topic, it may be difficult to navigate through all of the misinformation and marketing ploys. We will be touching on the following topics of prebiotics, probiotics, fermented foods, and fiber-rich foods, as well as conducting a hands-on fermentation activity where we will be making Kimchi! 

Join us as we 

  • Explore what gut microbiomes are 
  • Understand the role gut microbiomes play in your health,  
  • Learn dietary habits that can foster a diverse gut microbiome, 
  • Participate in a kimchi making and tasting food demo with Hospitality Serivces’ Executive Sous Chef, Andrew Bilyk 
  • Answer participant questions 

Register now! Space is limited to 15 participants so make sure to register early! You can submit questions when you register that will be answered during the talks.  

Attendees will be provided with a kimchi recipe and meals that can incorporate kimchi.  



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