Organizational Social Responsibility

All workplaces exist in a community and the interrelationship between the community, the workplace, and the employee influences employee health and well-being and the health (and performance) of the organization. Organizational social responsibility speaks to ways organizations can be involved in the community and how this can improve the health and well-being of employees, their families, and other members of the community. Organizational social responsibility activities are often seen as voluntary and going above and beyond what is legislated or required, as well as those activities that address workplace aspects such as occupational health and safety, human rights, community development, environmental protection, and emergency response.

U of G and United Way – partners to improve life
The University of Guelph has been a proud and valued supporter of the Guelph Wellington Dufferin United Way for over 50 years. We’re one of the area’s largest contributors to our local United Way. Together, we’ve raised close to $10 million to improve life in our community. The University’s United Way campaign runs from September to December each year with activities and events across campus. It’s one of the many ways Gryphons make a difference.