Queer U of G Faculty & Staff Network

Rainbow benches on campus.

The Queer University of Guelph Faculty and Staff Network or QUofG Network is a campus community made of intersecting identities and multiple histories. We envision a strong University of Guelph community that is equitable, respectful and visibly engaged in challenging systemic oppression. Our goal is to provide education, resources, programming and support for employees across the spectrums of gender and sexuality, with an emphasis on intersectional experiences. To this end, we will:

  1. Create safe, welcoming spaces for LGBTQ+ faculty and staff to interact socially on a regular basis;
  2. Advocate for the creation and maintenance of a University community that is equitable' accepting and inclusive of all sexual and gender identities; and
  3. Engage in education initiatives and outreach to the University and broader communities to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and the presence of LGBTQ+ individuals on our campus

Please note this group has been on a hiatus. 

Upcoming Events

Nothing currently planned, but check back often for updates!

Resources & Reading