U of G Black Faculty & Staff Network (BFSN)

The University of Guelph Black Faculty & Staff Network (BFSN) serves as a place of engagement, support, and community for Black-identifying faculty and staff at the U of G. The network was established in November 2021 and seeks to facilitate a safer, more equitable environment for Black-identifying professional employees at the U of G.

The BFSN holds 1-hour meetings monthly via Microsoft Teams. These meetings are a space for community-building, peer support, and conversation about topics of interest to Black staff and faculty at the U of G.  Our BFSN meetings to date have illuminated examples of systemic oppression and general issues around belonging affecting BFSN members but have also been spaces to celebrate Black excellence and share stories of our success and resilience.

The BFSN plans to facilitate more opportunities for networking, professional development, continuous learning, and overall advancement of Black faculty and staff at the U of G. This can include in-person luncheons, networking events, and professional/personal development workshops on topics relevant to members of the BFSN.

Get in Touch:

Email: bfsn@uoguelph.ca

Instagram: @bfsn.uofg

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