Adult small ruminant mortality project

More submissions needed for the Adult Small Ruminant Mortality  Project!  

Maria Spinato, Jocelyn Jansen, Paula Menzies, Andria Jones-Bitton, Jeanette Cooper

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The AHL, OVC, and OMAFRA have received funding to conduct a joint study investigating adult small ruminant mortalities. The objectives of this study are:

1. To determine why adult sheep and goats are dying on-farm.

2. To determine if a web-based postmortem information and case submission system can be used to increase the usefulness of    on-farm postmortems.

3. To determine if better disease diagnoses can increase discussions between producers and their vets, so that they can create sound flock/herd health and biosecurity plans.

The project will fund:

Þ tissue collection kit and shipping fee,

Þ AHL laboratory test fees,

Þ compensation for veterinarian performing the on-farm postmortem.

In return, the veterinarian will submit:

Þ a complete set of fresh and formalin-fixed tissues, as per project protocol,

Þ a set of 6 postmortem photographs that are uploaded to the website,

Þ postmortem submission form with all required information, also uploaded to the website.

Funding support is being provided by the OMAFRA-University of Guelph Partnership KTT Program and the Ontario Animal Health Network. Thanks to the generosity of these agencies, ~170 postmortems of adult sheep and goats will be paid for by project funds. A standardized test panel has been developed to check for the diseases of greatest importance to the small ruminant industry.

The maximum number of case submissions per veterinarian has been increased from 3 to 6 cases (must be a different clinical problem if multiple submissions per farm).

For more information, contact the project administrators at or log onto the project website at

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Jaimee Gardner, BSc, DVM, Paisley, ON

Jocelyn Jansen, DVM, DVSc, OMAFRA, Elora, ON

Andria Jones-Bitton, DVM, PhD; Jeanette Cooper, BSc;   Paula Menzies, DVM, MPVM, Dip. ECSRHM, Pop Med; Courtney Schott, DVM, Pathobiology, OVC, Guelph, ON

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