AHL Newsletter June 2022


In this issue:

Update from the Director

Animal Health Lab User's Guide and Fee Schedule - May 1, 2022

Comprehensive bovine respiratory disease panel - Update

OAHN June 2022 update

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing: Part 3 - Selection of antimicrobials


Vacular lesions in a young dairy heifer with BVDV


Leptospirosis in an Ontario swine herd


Wild bird migration and the movement of Avian Influenza virus

Bromethalin exposure in a free-ranging American black bear (Ursus americanus)

Recurring cutaneous melanoma in a South African white lion

Companion animals

Extra-osseous osteosarcoma in a dog

Fatal heartworm (D. immitis) in a dog with evidence of cerebral nematodiasis

Lung fluke (Paragonimus kellicotti) infection in dogs and cats


AHL Newsletter

June, 2022 - Volume 26, Number 2                                                                                                       ISSN 1481-7179

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