Purolator has returned to normal service!

To our valued clients.

Thanks  for your patience as we worked through the Purolator service suspension.

We have assurances from  Purolator that they are now returning to normal service and will once again pick up parcels.

Please continue to use the Purolator return waybills that are generated and sent to clients by AHL

Purolator is not picking up samples today!

To our valued clients:

As you may be aware from the news , Purolator is not accepting parcel pickups today March 28 pending labour negotiations. We will have more clarity late Wednesday afternoon March 29.

For our clients that cannot hold packages and must send submissions – please use either Fedex or UPS and send collect (charge to receiver - AHL).

March 2017 Newsletter

Our March 2017 Newsletter is online, please find it in our Publications section.

specimen-receipt report

If you have not signed up already, please contact to set up the specimen-receipt report for your clinic.  This report is auto-emailed to your clinic as soon as cases are logged into our LIMS.  The report includes the AHL case #, samples received, submitter and invoicing information, owner/animal identifiers, case history, and tests ordered (including TAT).  This handy feature enables clients to verify that the correct information and tests have been logged for each case.

40-tube blood mailers

AHL now has 40-tube blood mailers available for purchase at $3/box.  Ensure the survival of your specimens by shipping them in a sturdy container! AHL now has larger histology containers to accommodate various tissue sizes, 125 mL-$2.00, 250 mL-$3.00, and 500 mL-$4.00, email to order!

AHL and GlobalVetLink (EquusLink)

AHL has just finished participating in a trial with CFIA and GlobalVetLink (EquusLink), and was the pilot laboratory in Canada for this exciting new service. We thank the CFIA for taking up this initiative.


Learn more at EquusLINK


Advantages of this product include:

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