SoE Class Projects & Reunions

Is your engineering class approaching a significant anniversary?  If you and your former classmates will be celebrating a 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th or 50th anniversary in the next 1-3 years, let’s organize a reunion to celebrate! Our Annual Alumni Weekend or Homecoming festivities are an exellent way to reconnect with your classmates. Want to celebrate a different anniversary?  Let us know – we can help!

  • 2018 (ENG 2008, ENG 1993, ENG1988, ENG 1978, ENG 1968)
  • 2019 (ENG 2009, ENG 1994, ENG 1989, ENG 1979, ENG 1969)
  • 2020 (ENG 2010, ENG 1995, ENG 1990, ENG 1980, ENG 1970)

Looking for other ways to connect with your classmates? Join your peers and classmates to launch a class project to fundraise for priority areas at the School of Engineering, such as student awards or lap and equipment upgrades.  Every contribution you make counts towards making the engineering student experience at Guelph better and takes students one step closer to success.

To plan a reunion or class project, please e-mail Melissa Woo at