William Lubitz Ph. D., P.Eng

William Lubitz

William Lubitz Ph.D.,P.Eng

Room 1340 
Tel: 519 824-4120 ext:54387

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Research Interests 

  • Wind Energy Resource Assessment: Improving methods of micrositing wind turbines (positioning wind turbines within a given site), including at sites within or near trees, buildings and steep terrain.
  • Wind Energy Forecasting: There is an ongoing need for improved forecasts of wind energy production from a few minutes to a few days in advance. Reliable methods are also needed to forecast the effects of climate change on the quality of wind resources at a site over the several-decade lifespan of a wind farm.
  • Environmental Aerodynamics: Modeling winds around buildings and complex terrain in order to solve problems such as plume dispersion from smoke stacks, ventilation of buildings and wind loads on structures. This is done using both computational methods and the University of Guelph Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel.
  • Improved Instruments for Near-Surface Study: Development of cost-effective systems for meteorological measurements up to several hundred meters above ground, using towers, remote-sensing and aircraft.

Undergraduate Courses

  • ENG3100: Engineering and Design III