Financial Support

Tuition Information

All students are required to pay tuition fees.  Information on graduate student tuition fees can be found by visiting the Student Financial Services Guelph Graduate Fees page.

Sources of Funding

The School of Engineering guarantees financial support to all full-time MASc and PhD students admitted to the program.  Financial support is not provided for the MEng program, or students pursuing their degree on a part-time basis.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA)

Full-time students in both the MASc and PhD programs will be guaranteed a GRA.  The GRA is provided by the faculty advisor to support research being conducted by the advisor and will be used in preparation of the student's thesis.  Beginning in winter 2020, students in the MASc program are guaranteed funding for 6 semesters and those in the doctoral program for 12 semesters.  GRA stipends are renewable each semester based on satisfactory performance.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA)

GTA's are awarded through an open competition and students enrolled in full-time studies in the School of Engineering are expected to apply for Teaching Assistantship positions within their area of expertise.

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

A number of internal and external scholarships/awards/bursaries are available to incoming and current graduate students.  Please consult the Graduate Calendar and the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Graduate Awards Eligibility Chart.