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Dr. Ramesh Rudra has more than 40 years of research experience as a researcher and an educator.

As a researcher my research activities focus on agricultural watershed management (concepts/processes and modelling) of field and watershed processes, as evident by more than 120 refereed journal publications, more than 60 refereed proceeding publications and more than 500 presentations at scholarly conferences, workshops and symposia in Asia, Europe and North America. More than 70 (10 Ph.D. and 60 M.Sc. and M. Eng.) graduate students from Canada, Asia, Africa, Far East, Middle East, South America, Central America and South-east Asia have successfully completed their thesis research on agricultural water management related to their countries under his supervision.

Ramesh P. Rudra
Professor, Water Resources Engineering
School of Engineering, University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario Canada N1G 2W1
W-mail: rrudra@uoguelph.ca  
Phone: (519)824-4120 X 52110