Dairy Farmers of Ontario and Dept. of FARE Event on Dairy Research Communication and Extension!

On February 17th, 2010, Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the Department of FARE presented a "Dairy Research Communication and Extension Event".

Please click on these links to view the presentations -

Productive Efficiency and Competitiveness of Dairy Farms, Dr. Getu Hailu, Associate Professor

Traceability in the Dairy Industry, Costs, Benefits and Some Ideas, Dr. Andreas Boecker, Associate Professor

An Analysis of the Effect of SNF:BF Policy on the Profitability of Ontario Dairy Farms, Ms. Shashini Ratnasena, M.Sc. student

Measuring the Cost of Nutrient Management Regulations on Ontario Dairy Farmers, Mr. Ken Poon, M.Sc. Graduate & Dr. Glenn Fox, Professor

The Effect of Bioproduct Efforts on Ontario Crop Farmers, Dr. Alfons Weersink, Professor