FARE releases report on key trends in food for 2018.

Food is increasingly in the day-to-day consciousness of Canadians.  Consumers are hearing more about food in the media and in the broader conversation.  They are also seeking more information about their food – where and how it’s produced.

This report, written by Professors Mike von Massow and Alfons Weersink from FARE with Bruce McAdams from the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, provides a perspective on six key trends we expect to see in 2018.

The six key issues are:

• Increasing Choice and Micro-Markets for Food – drives the need to balance cost with choice.

• The Rise of Alternate Proteins – plant based proteins, insects, and cultured meats becoming more important in our diets – 43% of Canadians say they are trying to include more plant based proteins in their diets.

• Antibiotic Use in Meat Production – antibiotic use is decreasing but we need to strike the right balance.

• Restaurants Matter More – we spend $80 billion a year in restaurants and this is increasing faster than what we spend in grocery stores. Restaurants also increasingly shape our thinking in the grocery store.

• Minimum Wage Increases – the food industry will be the at the fore of wages increases driving increases in prices and changes in how food is delivered.

• Food Prices – expect to rise 2-2.5% with much more significant variation within the year.