FARE students have strong presence at Agricultural Excellence Conference

Students enrolled in programs offered by the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics have been actively engaged in three sessions at the Agricultural Excellence Conference, which “is the only national event in Canada dedicated exclusively to bringing farm management enthusiasts together to build their business acumen,” and this year was held at the Guelph Delta from Nov. 21 to 23.

On Nov. 22, Katelyn MacGillivray (Food and Agricultural Business) and John Arts (Food and Agricultural) were part of a student panel that was interviewed by Shaun Haney, owner and host of RealAg Radio, for a live audio streaming of the show on motivations, experiences and career plans of students enrolled in Agriculture programs.

Also, on Nov. 22, six members of the Dr. Tongzhe Li’s FARE Laboratory Experimental and Applied Economics actively engaged with the audience in a panel session on ‘What students learn from running experiments with farmers on environmental issues:’ Danielle Roy (MSc. FARE graduate and Research Associate); Bonnie Ho (Environmental Economics and Policy graduate, Lab Manager); Emily Gibson (MSc. FARE); Nidhi Nidhi (Environmental Economics and Policy); Kayne Boyall (Environmental Economics and Policy); Lauren Hoonard (Food and Agricultural Business). The panel was moderated by Department Chair Andreas Boecker.

On Nov. 23, three students shared their experiences in applying their skills and knowledge to real-world learning opportunities in the panel session ‘Teaching cases, capstone projects, student competitions, co-op and internships – How our students learn to apply their skills in real-world settings:” Emily Gibson (MSc. FARE); Ashley Whiteman (Food and Agricultural Business); and Maeve Bolanos (Food and Agricultural Business). This session was jointly moderated by FARE faculty Michael von Massow and Andreas Boecker.

Please join us in thanking our students on supporting the department in our public representation and congratulating them on a job done well!