Winter 2016 Course Outlines

Course Title Instructor
HTM 2010  Hospitality & Tourism Business Communications M. Martinez
HTM 2030  Control Systems in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry W. Murray
HTM 2070   Meetings & Convention Mgmt W. Jo
HTM 2100  Lodging Operations  W. Jo
HTM 2700  Introductory Foods A. Crerar
HTM 3080  Hospitality & Tourism Marketing II H. Choi
HTM 3090  Restaurant Operations Management S. Day
HTM 3120   Operations Analysis M. von Massow
HTM 3180DE Casino Operations Management T. MacLaurin
HTM 4050 Wine and Oenology B. McAdams
HTM 4110  Advanced Restaurant Operations (Fine Dining) S. Day
HTM 4130   Current Management Topics T. Tucker
HTM 4170 International Tourism Development & Management M. Joppe
HTM 4190 Hospitality & Tourism Operations Planning B.McAdams
HTM 4250 Hospitality Revenue Management M. von Massow
MGMT*2150 Intro to Canadian Business M. Tabatabaeilotfi
MGMT 4000 Strategic Management T. Tucker