Human Anatomy Outreach Program

A photograph of students in the Human Anatomy Lab.

Under the guidance of faculty and staff, fourth-year advanced anatomy students work in teams to design and teach individually tailored and curriculum-based sessions to meet the educational needs, with respect to understanding anatomy, of participating groups. The students accepted to this course benefit tremendously by progressing the communication, collaboration, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that are integral to becoming exemplary health care practitioners and innovators. 

An additional benefit of the fourth year advanced study in anatomy is the preparation of specimens that become valuable teaching tools. The specimens are used by participants in the outreach program, as well as by students across the entire anatomy department; therefore ensuring the greatest amount of learning is achieved from the generous intentions of the donors.

At present, the outreach program reaches over 3,000 individuals annually and impacts an immeasurable number of patients and members of the community, who benefit from their health care providers’ participation in this unique educational experience. 

To book an outreach session, contact, or phone 519-824-4120 X52060

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