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May 20: NYC's James Beard House to welcome University of Guelph, Canadian chefs

Photo of exterior of James Beard House in New York City

A team of renowned Canadian chefs with University of Guelph connections will be showcasing Canadian cuisine in New York City on Thursday, May 21 at the James Beard House. The event marks the first time that a university has been invited to cook at the performance space, named after cookbook author, teacher and champion of American cuisine, James Beard.

professor Mike Hoy head shot with white background

Workshop investigates international research on risk and insurance issues

Researchers from Taiwan, Germany and the US recently united at the University of Guelph to share knowledge on a subject that impacts us all: insurance. The workshop, led by professor Mike Hoy (left), welcomed attendees who explored topics ranging from the solvency of life insurance companies to preferential treatment by auto insurance providers towards hybrid vehicle drivers.

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