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Photo of Chuck Evans

Q & A with Dr. Chuck Evans, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Executive Programs

Dr. Chuck Evans’ career as an organizational psychologist took a new turn recently when he was appointed Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Executive Programs, the University of Guelph’s centre for MBA and MA Leadership education. Throughout his 20-year career working with several management psychologist and consultant firms including his own - Evans Group - Evans has maintained his academic roots while gaining insight into what the market is looking for in Executive MBA and MA grad experiences.

Photo of Daniel and Kyle Foch

University of Guelph brothers collaborate to win rental housing challenge

For Real Estate and Housing (REH) student Daniel Foch and Landscape Architecture (LA) student Kyle Foch, winning York Region’s Make Rental Happen Challenge was a family affair. Tasked with creating a rental housing solution for York Region, the University of Guelph brothers combined their knowledge and proposed rental housing options that topped international competitors and won bragging rights and a $5,000 grand prize.

Photo of Andrew Nixon

For star Gryphon athlete Andrew Nixon, balancing athletics and academics comes naturally

Andrew Nixon wears multiple hats as an alumnus of U of G’s Human Resources Management (HRM) program and award-winning Gryphon track star. While his reasons for coming to U of G were rooted in his love for sport and desire to compete at the highest levels, Nixon says his experience as a Gryphon “measures far more than just in medals.”

Name: Andrew Nixon
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Major: Human Resources Management
Year: Third

Photo of Josh LeBlanc

Management PhD student and former personal support worker Josh LeBlanc researches the student caregiver

According to Josh LeBlanc, a new demographic of caregivers is emerging as our population continues to age - the student caregiver. Prior to starting his PhD in Management, Leblanc worked as a personal support worker and also assisted in the care of his grandmother. It is therefore fitting that his research focuses on the effects these responsibilities have on the lives of student caregivers.

Photo of Diana Alessandrini

PhD Candidate Diana Alessandrini takes business cycle research to tenure-track position at Auburn University

PhD candidate Diana Alessandrini is getting ready for the next step in her academic career. Currently completing her PhD in Economics, she has already accepted a tenure-track position at Auburn University in Alabama where she will continue her research on the effects business cycles have on people’s decisions regarding education and the labour market.

Name: Diana Alessandrini
Hometown: Cesena, Italy
Program: PhD in Economics

Photo of Chelsea Galoni

Marketing management student Chelsea Galoni prepares to start PhD at Northwestern University

For Chelsea Galoni, business is in her blood. Coming from a long line of business owners, it makes sense that she would pursue her commerce degree, but her plans after graduation don’t include following in her family’s footsteps and starting her own business. Instead she’s pursuing her PhD at Northwestern University straight from undergraduate studies.

Name: Chelsea Galoni
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Major: Marketing Management
Year: 4th

Photo of Najma Amin

Sustainability in business is about incorporating socio-economic change alongside environmental change, says MEF student Najma Amin

Growing up, Najma Amin always assumed she would pursue a career in medicine like her parents, but in ninth grade her plans changed when a conversation with her uncle ignited her interest in business. Now in her second year at the University of Guelph, the Management Economics and Finance (MEF) student has already presented at her first conference, and is set on making her education work on an international level.

Photo of Ahren Brunow and Melanie Lang

CBaSE's Melanie Lang and Ahren Brunow Talk Entrepreneurship at U of G

Have a great business idea but need help getting started? The Co-operators Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship (CBaSE) recently launched the Hub Incubator Program, a great resource for budding entrepreneurs to grow their business ideas. In this article from at Guelph, CBaSE Director Melanie Lang and Assistant Manager - and entrepreneur in his own right - Ahren Brunow discuss the Hub and the outstanding opportunities it offers. The program is open to both University of Guelph students and alumni.

Photo of Brittany Manley

MSc Tourism student Brittany Manley researches Arctic and Antarctic cruises

Cruises to the Arctic and Antarctic are gaining momentum as more people become interested in learning about the Earth's northern and southern extremes. Brittany Manley, a student in the College of Business and Economics' new MSc Tourism and Hospitality program, is conducting research she hopes will help expedition companies better tailor their cruises to prospective travellers. Read the full at Guelph story.

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