Area-specific Course Requirements MA IO

Four of the six courses below are required:

PSYC*7010 [0.50] Recruitment and Selection: Methods and Outcomes
PSYC*7020 [0.50] Employee Performance
PSYC*7030 [0.50] Work Attitudes and Behaviour
PSYC*7040 [0.50] Social Processes in the Workplace
PSYC*7160 [0.50] Employee Development
PSYC*7190 [0.50] Motivation and Leadership

All of the courses below are required:

PSYC*6060 [0.50] Research Design and Statistics
PSYC*6670 [0.50] Research Methods
PSYC*6380 [0.50] Multivariate Statistics for Psychological Research
PSYC*7050 [0.00] Research Seminar in I/O Psychology

PSYC*7080 [0.00] Consulting in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PSYC*7130 [0.50] Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MA Thesis.

Note: PSYC7050 and PSYC7080 must be taken in fall and winter for all registered semesters throughout the degree.