Graduate: Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Normal sources of financial aid available to qualified candidates are listed below. Students may be permitted to receive assistance from more than one source concurrently. Information on other sources of financial aid is available from Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies at

University Graduate Awards

Highly qualified domestic and international students may be eligible for Board of Graduate Study Research Scholarships. Highly qualified international students may be eligible for International Graduate Tuition Scholarship. The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences also offers the Dean's Scholarships for which highly qualified domestic students may be eligible. These competitive University and College scholarships do not require application forms and are awarded on the recommendation of the Department.

Provincial and Federal Scholarships

The Ontario government and the Federal government provide a variety of scholarships (e.g, Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Scholarships (NSERC), Social Science and Humanities Research Scholarships (SSHRC), Canadian Institute of Health Research Scholarships (CIHR). Applicants are to visit the respective granting agency websites for eligibility criteria and application forms. Please note that International students are not eligible for NSERC, SSHRC or CIHR.

Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships

Graduate students have the opportunity to be supported with GTA's for the normal duration of the program. Recipients of a GTA participate in the teaching activities of the Department in undergraduate and graduate courses. Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) may also be available through individual faculty.

Level of Funding for Graduate Students

The Department of Psychology is committed to funding students who are admitted to Masters and Doctoral programs. Funding through various opportunities is available, including:  Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA), Graduate Service Assistantships (GSA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA), Sessional instruction (SESS), Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarships (BGSRS), University Graduate Tuition Scholarships (IGTS), and CSAHS Dean's Scholarships.

While the average funding fluctuates from year to year, recent funding packages included a minimum of $17,000/year for two years in the Master's program, and $20,000/year for Doctoral students. The University of Guelph is also firmly committed to ensuring competitive funding through several offer-matching programs.

Students are also permitted to receive assistance from more than one source concurrently, such as the SSHRC/NSERC/CIHR or OGS scholarships.