Statistical Assistance

Looking for help with statistics? You’re in the right place!

There are resources available to you through the university and department.

  1. The library has a data analyst on-site that can help with a wide variety of statistics questions (if you would like to book an appointment with them please click here). 
  2. Your supervisor and committee members are great sources of knowledge for many areas of statistics!
  3. The department also has very dedicated professors and upper-year PhD students that are willing to help. Below are a list of individuals willing to help, what they consult in, as well as how to set up an appointment with them.


Naseem Al-Aidroos

Offers consultations on: ANOVAs, t-Tests, confidence intervals, effect sizes and Bayes factors
To schedule an appointment please email


Donnelle DiMarco

Offers consultations on: ANOVA, t-tests, normality testing, erlebacher test, regressions, correlations, chi-squares, and Bayesian
To schedule an appointment please email


Gillian Maurice

Offers consultations on: Assumptions testing, multilevel modelling, R wrangling, PSYC*6380 content, effect sizes and confidence intervals.
To schedule an appointment please email  


Ian Newby-Clark

Offers consultations on: Sample size planning, SEM, multi-level modeling, regression, and time series.
To schedule an appointment please email


Rahul Patel

Offers consultations on: Structural equation modeling, serial and simple mediation, t-test (paired, independent groups), ANOVAs (one-way, N-Way/CRF, split-plot (between-within)), linear and multiple regression, and power analysis.
To schedule an appointment please email


Jeffrey Spence

Offers consultations on: Multilevel statistics, structural equation modelling and measurement.
To schedule an appointment please email


David Stanley

Offers consultations on: confidence intervals, t-test, ANOVA, and multiple regression.
For consultations, I offer, upon request, an office hour Friday 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm on Zoom. Email for link.