Psychology Participant Pool (Sona)

This page contains all of the information you need to take part in the Psychology Participant Pool as either a participant or researcher.  If you have questions about the pool, please contact the pool administrators.

Resources for Undergraduate Student Participants:

The following documents are intended for any students enrolled in psychology courses that allow you to participate in research for partial course credit.

Instructions for students Winter 2019: All students should read this document. It describes pool-related procedures, such as how to create an account and sign up for studies, along with important dates for the term. Go to: Instructions for Students Winter 2019

Alternative Assignment for Research Participation Credits Winter 2019:This document describes all the information you need to know if you would prefer to complete an alternate assignment in place of research participation. Go to: Alternative Assignment Details Winter 2019

Research Credit Articles


Ariely, D., & Wertenbroch, K. (2002). Procrastination, deadlines, and performance: Self-control by precommitment. Psychological Science, 13, 219-224.

Gelstein, S., Yeshurun, Y., Rozenkrantz, L., Shushan, S., Frumin, I., Rother, Y., & Sobel, N. (2011). Human tears contain a chemosignal. Science, 331, 226-230.

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Larsen, J. T, & McKibban, A. R. (2008). Is happiness having what you want, wanting what you have, or both? Psychological Science, 19, 371-377.

Mazar, N., & Zhong, C. (2010). Do green products make us better people? Psychological Science, 1-5.

Santamaria, J. P., & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2011). Etiquette and effort holding doors for others. Psychological Science, 22, 584-588.

Troisi, J. D., & Gabriel, S. (2011). Chicken soup really is good for the soul: “Comfort food” fulfills the need to belong. Psychological Science, 22, 747-753.


Resources for Researchers:

All researchers should read the Procedural Manual for Researcher every year they use the participant pool. Download Procedural Manual for Researchers

How do I create an online survey? Download our tutorial Creating an Online Survey. If this tutorial is not sufficient feel free to email the pool administrators for a copy of the advanced user manual.