Current Undergraduate Students - González-Morales Lab

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Julia Kearney joined the OHPP lab in winter 2016, where she completed a research internship with Dr. Gonzalez-Morales, and PhD Candidates, Thomas Sasso and Alex Chris. With the team, Julia researched ways to improve Canadian engineering curriculum in regards to the complementary studies system and communicating the importance of these courses. She was also involved in the process of assisting Alexandra Chris to find the articles useful for writing a meta-analysis about incivility in the workplace.

Currently, Julia continues to work on both of these projects. For the engineering curriculum, complementary studies project, Julia works alongside Dr. J. Donald (engineering professor) and Dr. S. Lachapelle (history professor). This team is currently in the process of assessing the attitudes engineering students have towards soft skills and complementary studies. Julia’s work with Alex Chris continues, where she is assisting Alex with the coding of academic articles. Julia also volunteers for Peter Hausdorf’s lab, where the team is investigating music and mood, to eventually determine music for the workplace. Julia thoroughly enjoys working on this project, and being a member of this team and this lab.


Jonah Strub is in his third year of his undergrad completing a double major in psychology and studio art. He hopes to integrate psychology and art together to pursue a career as a child psychologist. Jonah has experience in several research settings, including working as a research assistant at The Hospital for Sick Children in a teenage obesity clinic, York University in a lab specializing in childhood autism, as a writer for the University of Guelph Office of Research, and in the lab of Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales at the University of Guelph on multiple projects focusing on gender diversity and sexuality. He is currently involved in research with PhD candidate Thomas Sasso in creating a protocol and analysis of LGBTQ+ inclusive education at Canadian universities.


Alexander Skinner is a 3rd year Psychology (Co-op) Student at the University of Guelph. He is currently volunteering as a Research Assistant under Thomas Sasso in the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab. He is currently assisting in Thomas’ research that focuses on the positive experiences of LGBTQ individuals in the workplace. Alex is interested in studying a Master’s in counselling psychology and perhaps also an MBA. In his spare time, Alex is currently a Resident Assistant on campus as well as the President and Co-founder of Team Unbreakable (a club that focuses on improving mental health through physical activity). He is also the founder and current Chair of the Youth Fundraising Committee at Trillium Health Partners Hospital in Mississauga. Lastly, Alex is an avid musician and plays several sports with friends on campus.


Serena Thompson is currently a fourth year undergraduate majoring in BA Psychology with a minor in Art History. At the present time, she is volunteering with PhD Candidate Alexandra Chris, assisting with her meta-analysis on the effects of incivility in the workplace. This involves finding articles that will be useful when conducting the meta-analysis.


Lindsay Labonte is an undergraduate student in the Univeristy of Guelph's BA Psychology Co-op program. She has had the opportunity to work with PhD candidate Thomas Sasso in the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab since 2016. This has allowed her to work on an interesting  qualitative analysis project which has instilled within her a love of qualitative analysis. My favourite part about qualitative research is the importance of each research participant’s voice throughout the data analysis process. She is a full time student currently volunteering part time in the lab. Working in the SGDR Lab has given her the opportunity to expand her skills working in research and meet so many great people. As an undergraduate student the opportunity to gain real research expereince has been highly valuable to her education and continues to help her excel in her classes. She is currently working with Thomas Sasso on the qualitative aspect of one of his research projects focused on the expereinces of LGBTQ people in the work place.