Former Students- González-Morales Lab

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Ashlyn Patterson worked on her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Guelph. Under the supervision of Dr. M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, her dissertation focused on understanding the unique role of workplace civility in the context of other positive interpersonal workplace behaviours. Her previous research examined the incivility spiral and how feelings of negative affect and emotion regulation influence whether or not incivility spreads among employees. Ashlyn completed her Honours BA in Psychology at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia under the supervision of Dr. Michael Leiter. Beyond research, Ashlyn has 4 years of experience as a consultant with Organization and Management Solutions and completed an internship at The Bank of Montreal Financial Group.



Tanya Groves graduated from the Psychology: Brain and Cognition undergraduate program at the University of Guelph with a minor in Neuroscience in the summer of 2016. She began her work in the OHPP lab in September 2015 as an undergraduate honours thesis student under the supervision of Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales. Her research examined the impact of emotion regulation strategies, and positive and negative stress experiences on academic outcomes. Tanya’s interests lie in child and abnormal development and she plans to pursue her interests by earning a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and by pursuing a career as a child Psychotherapist.




Jenny Galvao first started volunteering with PhD candidate Thomas Sasso in Fall 2015, where she began working on the Complementary Studies Elective (CSE) Task. Jenny then completed an internship with Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, where she continued her work with Thomas Sasso on the CSE Task. This team is examining the current elective courses available for engineering students to determine if they are teaching the "soft" or "essential" skills that are necessary and are not taught in their technical courses. Jenny is now in her fourth year of study as a BA Honours Psychology student currently completing her Honours Thesis



Taylor Kirkbride joined the OHPP lab in Winter 2016 and completed her research internship with Dr. Gonzalez-Morales. Over the course of the semester, Taylor had been working with PhD candidate Alex Chris, assisting with her work on incivility in the workplace. She had also been assisting Sarah Carver with her work regarding gender discrimination in the workplace.



Kyle Augusto is a University of Guelph graduate of the 2016 class with a major in Psychology. During Kyle's attendance at the University of Guelph he was able to complete multiple research projects, and completed his honours thesis with Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales. Kyle's honours thesis project was an interdisciplinary project involving the psychology, history, and engineering departments at Guelph. The project was focused on engineers attitudes towards soft skill development. The project was presented at two conferences, The Teaching Learning Innovations Conference and The Canadian Engineering Education Conference. Currently Kyle is a prospective Master's student for a Counselling Psychology program.




Pegleess Barrios became a researcher for the OHPP lab in January 2014, assisting on the Work-Life Diary Project as a URA student worker and as an undergraduate thesis student, using survey methods to explore the relations between work life and personal life over time, to better understand the dynamic interplay between roles in students’ and workers’ daily lives. Pegleess has presented research on behalf of the OHPP lab at the Ontario Undergraduate Thesis Conference, and the 2015 Canadian Psychological Association Convention. Now in her final year of her undergraduate degree, Pegleess coordinates team-building and volunteer appreciation events for the lab, and provides mentorship to newer lab recruits.



Callie Hill completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, majoring in both Psychology and Criminal Justice Public Policy. Callie had been an active member of the OHPP research lab since 2014. Throughout her membership, Callie had been involved in a variety of projects including assisting Katya Pogrebtsova on developing and carrying out her Master’s thesis.  Most recently Callie has worked in partnership with the Guelph Community Health Centre and the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute to identify strategies that best maintain employee engagement and morale during organization change. Callie looks forward to beginning her Juris Doctor degree.



Nathalie Sagar joined the OHPP lab in fall 2015 and is spending her second semester volunteering with the lab. Currently, Nathalie is helping with the Tanya and Sergey to investigate academic stress and eustress within undergraduate students. Nathalie is an undergraduate student in her 4th year studying Psychology and Statistics. After graduating this spring Nathalie will begin her master’s of School Psychology at the University of British Columbia.


Sarah Carver is an undergraduate student in her 4th year studying Psychology. Sarah is currently conducting an undergraduate honours thesis under the supervision of Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, using qualitative research to look at student opinions and experiences of gender discrimination in the workplace. Sarah has been a member of the Occupational Health and Positive Psychology lab since Fall 2014.