Current Undergraduate Students - Hausdorf Lab

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Christina Gilbert is a third year BA Honours Psychology student with a minor in Family and Child studies. She started volunteering in master student Jessica Garant’s lab in Fall 2016 under the advisement of Dr. Peter Hausdorf. This lab is interested in examining witness reactions to incivility. Christina also completed her first internship with Dr. Peter Hausdorf during this semester and constructed a literature review proposing perspective-taking to reduce workplace incivility. She is currently working with Dr.Hausdorf and colleague Ashley Cole to design a perspective-taking intervention.


Ashley Cole is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in BA Psychology. Ashley joined the OHPP lab under the supervision of Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, in Fall 2015. Currently, she is working on a meta-analysis project on incivility in the workplace with graduate student Alexandra Chris.