Current Graduate Students - Son Hing Lab

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Vishi Gnanakumaran is a PhD candidate in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at the University of Guelph. His research focuses on the effects of inequality in the workplace. Workplace inequality refers to the degree of disparity that exists between individuals or groups within an organization in the distribution of work resources and demands. Specifically, he is interested in what makes employees perceive there to be higher versus lower levels of inequality, and what makes them perceive the inequality to be more versus less legitimate. He conducted qualitative interviews with faculty physicians at a pediatric academic health science center in Canada, and used thematic analysis and matrix display tables to analyze the data and develop a theory of workplace inequality.

Vishi is also an associate consultant at DPRA Canada in their Organizational Effectiveness practice area, where he works on projects to improve talent management, organizational design and structure, implementation of change, and strategic planning. This has included developing professional development frameworks for school educators, developing and implementing a nurse hiring process, and conducting organizational reviews, program evaluations and strategic reviews for various organizations.


Rebecca Lee is a PhD candidate in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at the University of Guelph where she received her undergraduate and master’s degrees. Her research focuses on work-life conflict, stress, and well-being in high-performing professionals such as academic physicians. Her master’s thesis was a qualitative examination of the demands, resources, and stress that contribute to academic physicians’ experiences of work-life conflict. She is continuing her study of issues that relate to work-life conflict for physicians for her PhD in partnership with a community organization. Beyond her main line of research, Rebecca is also interested in women in leadership; she is currently co-leading a study with Grace Ewles on how professional women navigate their romantic relationships while considering their careers and career goals. She is also interested in inclusivity in the workplace, and fair selection practices. She has presented her research at various conferences and is working towards multiple publications. In addition to her research, Rebecca has four years of experience as a consultant with Organization and Management Solutions (OMS), where she worked with private and public organizations conducting qualitative coding, survey analyses, report writing, small and large-group facilitation, and training to conduct structed interviews. Rebecca is also an active member of the Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab at the Live Work Well Research Centre at the University of Guelph.


Parco Sin is a PhD student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Guelph. His research focuses psychological factors that may influence people’s perceptions and evaluations towards pay dispersion and income inequality. Specifically, he is interested in people’s beliefs about meritocracy and perceptions of equity/fairness in organizations. Parco is also committed to understanding the psychological processes that influence people's preferences for equal vs equitable outcomes in organizations and in society.

As a senior consultant for Organization and Management Solutions (OMS), Parco has led a team of consultants to develop a procedure for managers to become certified in conducting structured interviews. He has also successfully worked with managers and executives to facilitate work samples, focus groups, and performance appraisals.


Nouran Sakr is a Master’s student in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and how these relate to employee stress and well-being. More specifically, she is interested in how organizations can create workplace climates that are inclusive of all employees.

Nouran obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, where she completed a specialist in Psychology and a major in Neuroscience. Prior to joining the University of Guelph, Nouran assisted with several research projects in the fields of behavioural neuroscience, clinical psychology, and organizational behaviour. She is also a consultant at Organization and Management Solutions (OMS), where has has worked with public organizations to conduct small and large-group facilitation on structured interview training.


Baylee Rubinoff is a Master’s student in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on workplace inequality and looks at differing levels of status, power, and pay that individuals hold within a group. Specifically, how the differences between what members hold in the group influence group processes, group performance, and individual well-being. She is using an experimental design, manipulating levels of inequality within small groups of undergraduate students, and recording their interactions. She is using behavioural coding to assess the behaviours that occur during the group discussions.

As an undergardaute student at the University of Guelph, Baylee joined the CWHW in Winter 2016. In addition to managing Dr. Son Hing's lab, she has worked as an intern, an Honours Thesis student, and a Research Assistant. Throughout her undergraduate degree and during her gap year, she assisted with multiple research projects in the field of I-O Psychology with several different faculty members. Currently she is working as a junior consultant for Organization Managment Solutions (OMS) where she is reviewing and summarizing literature.