Current Undergraduate Students - Son Hing Lab


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Sydney Pereira is currently working under Dr. Son Hing completing an honours thesis project. Her current project involves assessing evaluations of distributive justice, inequity, and inequality pertaining to varying levels of pay inequality. She intends to investigate the extent to which pay inequality is considered fair or unfair by participants. In the past year, she has completed an internship with Dr. Son Hing pertaining to male dominance and sexual harassment, with particular focus on the antecedents that predict incidences of sexual harassment in the workplace. On this topic, she wrote a research paper and presented her findings to the lab. In addition, she has worked as a Research Assistant coding video data pertaining to workplace inequality in regard to pay, power, and status within small groups. 

Upon graduation, Sydney intends to pursue a Master of Social Work graduate program. It is her goal one day to work with vulnerable youth of varying backgrounds to better assist and equip them with the tools, information, and support needed to attain and maintain the best quality of life possible.


Karli Longthorne has been an active Psychology research lab volunteer. Karli has completed an internship with Dr. Son Hing and is currently serving as a Research Assistant. Working with Dr. Son Hing, she has coded participant data, quality checked a Ph.D. manuscript, assisted in data input, and presented research related to Gender and Mentoring to the lab. She is also a part of Dr. Lumley’s Resilient Youth Research Group as a Research Assistant where she is conducting phone interviews, and transcribing interview data for the Child Strengths Project. Karli is also inputting data and conducting a content analysis for the Let’s Talk About Mental Health Research Project. In the past, Karli worked closely with Dr. Gill and her research team to help develop the new course Teams, Leadership and Professional Behaviour. She also served as Dr. Gill’s Intern, where she transcribed experimental video data, and completed a research paper related to teacher scaffolding, collaborative learning and evaluation. 

Upon graduation, Karli intends to pursue graduate studies in Community/Social Psychology with the end goal of increasing the quality of life of diverse individuals within various communities, institutions, and organizations.